Every Contact Counts
Learning Objectives

Synopsis: A woman with disabilities needs an appointment for routine gynecological care at the medical center in her new community. At every step of the way she faces challenges that are not typically issues for patients who are able-bodied. She writes a letter of complaint asking for changes in policies and procedures to improve her access and care.

Goal: Advocate through policy and practice for individuals with disabilities within the hospital setting.

Learning objectives: By the conclusion of this session, the participants will be able to

  1. Generate ideas to make the initial contact with the hospital efficient and effective for individuals with disabilities
  2. Identify personal beliefs or attitudes that influence behavior toward individuals with disabilities
  3. Discuss the options for transportation to the hospital or medical center
  4. Describe patient- and family-centered practices that are respectful of individuals with disabilities
  5. Create policies or procedures at the hospital to address problem-areas faced by individuals with disabilities.
  • Suggested participants:
  • Health care clinicians
  • Social workers
  • Health care administrators
  • Human resources professionals
  • Patient representatives

Recommended time: 2 hour


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