About the Case

The case originated during the Disability Agenda 2000 campaign in Pittsburgh, PA. A unique experience brought together People with disabilities and Healthcare Management, allowing Management to hear the actual experiences of real people in thei facilities. A decision to bring these stories to the employees was the initial cause for the development of a Problem Based Learning case reflecting a composite of a few of these real life stories.

The case was then developed as a collaboration between the UCLID Center and the Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania. It was originally presented at a conference in Wexford, PA drawing in representatives from over 25 local healthcare facilities. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and there was a request for further presentations of the program. In an effort to allow the maximum participation and ease of attendance, the presentation is currently offered to facilities at their site. Please contact us about visiting your facility.

About the Facilitator

In addition to taking the basis of the case from true life stories of people with disabilities, the Every Contact Counts program utilizes facilitators with disabilities. This unique approach further reinforces the concept of individuals with disabilities being part of the process and being valuable assets in the process of delivering quality healthcare.

The primary facilitator, Rob Oliver, is a motivational speaker, advocate and educator. Paralyzed at the age of 21 by a body surfing injury, Rob has a real world perspective on healthcare, customer service and disability awareness. With a Masters Degree in Psychology, he shares his expertise and insights from the lived experience of life with a disability. The combination of his qualifications, experiences, disability and personality provide an unforgettable experience for participants.

About the Sponsors

The FISA Foundation's mission is to build a culture of respect and improve the quality of life for three populations in southwestern Pennsylvania: women, girls, and people with disabilities. Formed in 1911, the foundation was instrumental in founding what is known today as the Harmarville Rehabilitation Center. In 1996, because of the increasing challenges presented by managed care, the trustees of the Center and the Federation Board found it necessary to explore a number of options for future viability. After considerable deliberation, they decided to sell the real estate and operating assets to HealthSouth Corporation. As the founder and owner of Harmarville, the Federation received the proceeds of the sale and established a charitable grantmaking foundation.

The Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania is located in Warrendale, PA and represents Healthcare facilities in over 30 Counties. The Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania is a strategic partner with western Pennsylvania health care providers and affiliated organizations, enabling them to realize their missions while maintaining their status as economically viable entities. The staff provides a variety of resources to member Hospitals with expertise in hospital operations, management, finance, government relations, communications, disaster and emergency preparedness, grant funding, clinical operations, health information management, business development, reimbursement, and governance, among others.

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